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How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Brush?

How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Brush?

How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Brush?

  1. Extend your tongue. This is so that you can access the full length.
  2. Brush your tongue from the back of the tongue to the front. Do this repeatedly.
  3. Rinse your mouth. Use mouthwash and rinse thoroughly to wash away any remaining loose residue, and to freshen your breath.
  4. Keep it up.

Hello there! First thanks for your kind visit. When you wake up in the morning do you like others to smell your mouth? I mean it is totally nonsense. I hate my morning breath. It is kinda vomiting smell full of saliva. Bad breath is something I absolutely hate! I’m like one of those girls you see in the movies, the ones who rush out of bed in the morning to brush their teeth before their man wakes up so that they greet him with fresh breath. No, it’s not something I do to be prissy, but I just hate morning breath.

If there was one problem I could get rid of, it would be bad breath. I hate talking to someone and feeling like I have to take a few steps back just to get out of the range of their halitosis-laden exhalations. But sometimes when I use mouth wash and talking to someone so suddenly I smell bad breathe and I get confuse that I used mouth wash in the morning so why am I feeling bad breathe maybe it is someones bad breathe. “DON’T SHOOT ME I AM INNOCENT” haha just kidding. The other day, I was brushing my teeth, and I noticed that my tongue was covered in a thick layer of white gunk. Upon closer examination in the mirror. Catching a whiff of my breath was horrible, even after I finished brushing. So what’s going on?

Look at the different parts of it. It is not smooth surface, and all those bumps and crevices can harbor bacteria. Half the bacteria in your mouth lives on your tongue. This can form a film over your tongue, and contribute to a variety of health problems. Your tongue should be pink, and stark discolorations should be taken note of and remedied. Sometimes my tongue lose the pink color and become white which I really hate!

Tongue Scraper:

Today in the morning I was brushing my teeth and when I get back to my room I saw my tongue it was completely white which I really hate! So I thought let’s write an article on it and know how to get rid of it. Here we go, first I get some help from internet, and I thought to follow it. I ask my elder brother about tongue scraper so he said it is full of bacteria. I said how is it possible there are plenty of site says tongue scraper is the best way to clean your tongue. So, how can you say that? I just ignored him and I thought that when I will go to market I will purchase tongue scraper if it’s results will be unbelievable so I will use it everyday. While I am using toothpaste on my tongue. I apply it and spread it on my tongue surface when I rinse it off with water so I saw the results was awesome. The whiteness was completely disappeared and my tongue color was pink. I congrats myself and said I DID IT. 

How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Tongue Scraper?

  1. You don’t need to do it so hard. You don’t need to scrape your tongue so hard that it starts to bleed, but go gentle on your tongue. Pressing harder won’t get rid of MORE bacteria, and it won’t shorten the amount of time you need to spend cleaning. Just apply enough pressure that the scraper is clearing off the top layer of gunk from your tongue.
  2. It’s not going to be the only cure for bad breath. While having a dirty, white film-covered tongue can lead to bad breath, it’s not the only thing that could be causing your halitosis. If you are worried about bad breath, eat bad breath-fighting foods, brush and floss your teeth regularly, and look into what else is behind the problem. Scraping your tongue is just one solution.
  3. Keep the scraper simple. There are a lot of fancy tongue scrapers sold online, but they are often unnecessarily complex. All you need is a simple tongue scraper, which should be fairly cheap. Electronic tongue scrapers can make your life easier, but they tend to cost more.
  4. Do it in the morning. Immediately after you wake up, your tongue is covered in the white film of toxins, so that’s when you need to scrape your tongue. First thing in the morning is the best time for this oral hygiene project!
How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Tongue Scraper?

How To Clean Your Tongue With The Help Of Tongue Scraper?

Benefits Of Tongue Scraper:

  1. Improves Dental Health
  2. Deal With Bad Breath
  3. Heighten Your Sense of Taste
  4. Prevent Toxin Reabsorption
  5. Stimulate Your Organs

Good To Know:

People who drink coffee and tea tend to have chronic bad breath. The caffeine particles coat  the inside of your mouth, which is why you usually have a yellowed tongue and yellow teeth after drinking caffeine-rich beverages.

I hope you like the post. It is very helpful and easy. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Thanks ENJOY!!!