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how-to-apply-eyeshadow-tutorialsHello dear makeup geeks and lovers! Eye is the most important part of face, I mean eye is the innocence part. If you love to make eye shadow eyes in different light colors so it’s called rainbow eyes. But in this article I will provide you how to apply eye shadow for beginners it is the common and most important question for beginners. Sometimes when we go at event we just get too nervous about our look. That is why we search new hairstyles and makeup ideas to get ready for that event. Some girls wants to look simple but some girls wants to look gorgeous. Simple is best don’t do too much makeup so you will look witch. Do simple and light makeup so you will look gorgeous single girl. Well I love to do simple and light makeup. That’s true.

Okay so allow me to show you eye shadow charts which will help you to understand it.


Highlight, shade and intensify are the most important shades. Eye shadow application is given below:

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