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Stressed Out

Stressed Out

Hey there! Today I want to make you realize that you are doing wrong. I want to talk about something super super important something that think might be one of the most important things in the world and it’s people sabotaging themselves with the thoughts they think.Β It’s very interesting I know you already know exactly what I’m talking about you know sometimes you might be having some experience and you’re just thinking about something and it becomes this like negative thoughts spiral and it just pulls you down and sucks you down to the point where you don’t even know what to do you don’t know how to get out of it and you don’t know like what’s even going on you in control right it’s like of an interesting experience and can be scary at times.

I just finished reading a book called it’s up to you I want to share with you a practice from this book that’s been really really useful and fun for me and really fun even just chatting with my friends and then be like oh my gosh like just in the moment trying it and it totally works so I won’t bite you even just right now but specifically the next time you’re feeling down and out you feeling stuck you are feeling like your thoughts are taking you to a place you don’t want to go and you’re not even sure why the heck you’re going there in the first place you know it’s almost like we lose control or something there’s a few different ways to do this one you just close your eyes another you can look at yourself in the mirror or another you know be doing whatever you’re doing but in your head say to yourself.

Show your face have a conversation those thoughts you know you can choose your thoughts right now saying your head purple watermelon right you just did that in your head now say basketball three times in your head really fast basketball basketball basketball right you can do that I just proved to you can choose your thoughts you can even choose how you say those thoughts ok so the next time you’re having these thoughts patterns even try saying out loud look in the mirror and say hey thought patterns hey negativity show your face where’s your face who are you? Identify yourself show your face when you start saying enough or even just once realize wait a minute i’m not talking to anyone there’s nothing there to respond to you.

You have all these thoughts going on you’re stressing you’re really going there you’re freaking out and you say show your face and nothing will respond pretty important I want you to know that you are not your thoughts your thoughts are a tool and I want you to practice choosing your thoughts you can choose your thoughts purple watermelon right you just you can choose to do that you can also wake up in the morning and choose to go hey i’m gonna try to have a really good day today.

I hope you like the post. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Don’t let stress, pain, fear, negative thoughts destroy your life. It is just a tension of work not the end of the world. Be happy always smile. Don’t let others judge you.