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Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

Hello there! First thanks for visiting. Today I am going to show you that how to make pineapple juice? If you don’t know the benefits of pineapple so don’t worry just don’t forget to read my last article health benefits of pineapple it will help you to increase your knowledge. If you are the biggest fan of pineapple so you should read its risks too. 

Pineapple have too much benefits but it has risks too. So please be careful.

How To Make Pineapple Juice Recipe:


  1. First step is to peel chop or chop peel the pineapples. It depends on you if you want to make a lot juice so pick two pineapples.
  2. Take the chopped pineapples in a blender jar.
  3. Add 2 or 3 tbsp sugar and 6 to 8 ice cubes. Also add 1 cup of water if you want a very thick juice, then don’t add any water. Skip the ice cubes if cold food does not suit you.
  4. Blend till smooth for a thin consistency you can add some more water.
  5. Drink up! Enjoy the crispy and fresh pineapple juice.

I hope you like the post. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Don’t forget to try this recipe. Thanks ENJOY! 🙂