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Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Hello orange lovers! First thanks for visiting. Do you like fruit juices? If so, here I am gonna show you that how to make orange juice? As we all know that fruits and vegetables are good for health as well as for skin. But in this article you will know the real value of orange. If you don’t know orange benefits so you can visit my last one article. Top 10 Benefits Of Orange Let’s begin!Β 


  1. Soften the orange:Β Tightly squeeze or roll the oranges firmly with the palm of your hand across the counter or table to soften them up.
  2. Cut the orange: Slice the orange in half and remove the seeds. If you want to go seedless, use navel oranges.
  3. Juice the orange:Grip the one of the orange halves tightly and squeeze it by hand, using a plain juicer to coax all the juice out.
  4. Add pulp: Scrape the orange with a spoon and add the pulp directly to the juice if you use a hand juicer. If you prefer clear juice, pour the juice through a strainer before drinking.Add some pinch of black salt or sugar for more flavor. Some oranges are already sweet.
  5. Drink up! Enjoy a crisp, cold glass of freshly squeezed, unpasteurized orange juice, the way it was intended to be!

I hope you like the post. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Thanks ENJOY the orange juice.