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Hey there! First thanks for visiting. Finally it’s winter in Pakistan. Today when I woke up in the morning I saw my hairs was messy and was looking like I haven’t brush my hairs since years. So, I thought to make a hairstyle. After hairstyle my hairs was looking cool. Then, I thought to create an article on it. I love to share my ideas on my blog. I like to help you guys. If you think messy hairs aren’t good they are ugly, so you are living in a simple misunderstanding. Girls, you are beautiful don’t think you are ugly. We are stars haven’t you heard the song of Alessia Cara Scars to your beautiful. Accept yourself. Don’t be rude.Β 







We are the definition of beautiful. Our beauty is our confidence. Don’t blame yourself and don’t hurt yourself. Now go and take a look at yourself and say “I am beautiful” thirty times. I hope you like the post. Don’t forget to like. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah is back. Thanks.