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How To Take Care Of Your Feet?

Hello there! Today I am gonna talk about feet. Feet are the main part of our body. Poor feet tolerate dirt, irritation, pain and tightness. How? Good question feet tolerate dirt just because you walk barefoot indoor. Feet also tolerate tightness just because you wear tight socks. Don’t let your feet get wound, you must take care of it. Because feet able you to move on. Most of people do not take care of their feet than their face. 

Pumice stone is the best way to clean your feet. Pumice is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a porous and abrasive stone perfect for sloughing away dry skin. To use a pumice stone, soften the calloused skin in warm water, wet the stone, then gently rub the stone over the area using circular motions until you remove the dead skin.


Look at your feet every day. Make sure there are no cuts or red areas. Use a mirror to see the bottom of your feet.

  1. Don’t soak your feet. Wash them well with mild soap and water every day. Dry them very well, including between the toes.
  2. Don’t go barefoot.
  3. Wear shoes that fit well.
  4. Buy socks designed to keep your feet comfortable (padded, minimal seams, not too tight).
  5. Use lotion on your feet, but not between the toes.
  6. Do not cut your toenails. File them instead, or have them trimmed by a foot doctor.
  7. If you have poor circulation, nerve damage, or very thick toenails, see a foot doctor regularly. Also see a foot doctor if you have corns, calluses, or bunions.
  8. If you get a cut or scratch, take care of it right away. Wash it with mild soap and warm water. Use a mild ointment. Cover with gauze and paper tape or a fabric bandage. Make sure to change this often.
  9. Call your healthcare provider right away if the area does not heal or gets red or has any drainage.

I hope you like the post. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Thanks ENJOY! and huh take care ❤ ❤