Hello there! Finally one year with you friends. I’m so glad and happy to be here. I’m celebrating the day I joined WordPress and shared my ideas on it…

I used to be silent and I was like I don’t know anything when I know.. They said I’m nothing, I can not do anything, I am useless, uneducated, mental, extra and lots of negative stuff and I believed it, I thought maybe they are right. But they were not. I found myself here. WordPress and my followers make me to realize that they are not right they are thinking completely negative about myself. I didn’t change myself for them I just found the real Kulsum. Kulsum likes, reading, writing, learning new stuff, nutrition and dietetics, cooking and she wants to be a hairstylist. I found the real Kulsum and she is completely different from that Kulsum who used to think that people are right who called her useless, uneducated, mental and extra..Β 

Forget what people think, ignore what people think because people don’t thinkΒ πŸ‘πŸ»Β .. I am very happy to be here with positive minds.. You guys are so motivational I can say anything. I’m so lucky. Thank you so much! You guys are all I haveΒ πŸ’“