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Knees and Elbows

Hello there! How you doin’? Today I will recommend you how to get lighten knees and elbows.ย The skin around the elbows and knees is usually thicker and has more folds than its surrounding skin. Also, because there are no oil glands in these areas, this skin tends to be drier. So, when proper care and hygiene is not maintained, the skin on knees and elbows becomes much darker than other parts of your body. It is not about sunlight. Some people say they cover their whole body except hands that is why hands become dull, but it is wrong. Sunlight provide us Vitamin D which is good for our skin. All you have to do is apply some sun cream on your skin and enjoy the summer at beach.

Yogurt, Almonds, Coconut Oil, Sugar Scrub, Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Lemon these are the natural and perfect skin care techniques. These remedies can help you to get lighten your dark skin.. Especially knees and elbows. Having dark knees and elbows can make you wear full sleeves shirt and jeans… If you didn’t get rid of it you will regret.. Because in summer how can we wear jeans instead we should find a solution to lighten our skin and show it.. Summer is hot indeed and wearing jeans in summer is kinda stupid idea. Shorts or skirts will make you feel comfortable. But the problem is knee.. So let’s begin!

Yogurt Benefits For Skin:

The lactic acid in yogurt will help dissolve dead skin and tighten pores. Yogurt is an excellent skin hydrating agent. Daily apply fresh plain yogurt on your face, neck, hands and legs for 10 minutes.

Almonds Benefits For Skin:

The vitamin E in almonds can help nourish your skin and protect it from the sun’s damaging UV rays. What are UV rays?ย Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of radiation that is produced by the sun and some artificial sources, such as solarium. The sun’s UV radiation is the major cause of sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and skin damage leading to skin cancer . However, it is also the best natural source of vitamin D. Some say sunlight is not good for our skin. But those who say it’s not good they don’t know the value of vitamin D. They don’t the surprising benefits of it. Your body produces vitamin D naturally when it’s directly exposed to sunlight…. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.

Is Baking Soda good for Skin Whitening?

Baking soda is composed of sodium and a pH neutralizer which exfoliates the dead skin cells throughout the skin..

  1. The pH of baking soda helps to neutralize the acidโ€“ alkaline nature of the skin.
  2. It acts as an exfoliant that removes the cellular damage in the darkened skin.
  3. Regular application will make your skin whiter, softer and shinier.
  4. It has anti โ€“ bacterial, anti โ€“ fungal, antiseptic and anti โ€“ inflammatory properties that clear all the infection on the skin along with its scars.
  5. It acts as good oil โ€“ absorbing agent to clear excess oil.
  6. It evens the skin tone.

How To Apply Baking Soda On Skin:

  1. Take on tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with milk.
  2. Apply this paste on knees and elbows and scrub it using circular motion.
  3. Repeat the remedy once every two days. Repeat until you notice changes in the color.

If you want to use Baking Soda on your underarms so the best combination is baking soda and Coconut Oil. It really works. It works unbelievable. I mean I use this remedy once or twice in a week and it’s mind blowing.

If youโ€™re thinking about trying out baking soda, I would definitely test out a patch of skin on your arm first (like how box dyes instruct you to do) because I donโ€™t know your face and I donโ€™t know how it will react. For the most part,ย baking soda (which is made of sodium bicarbonate) is harmlessย (I mean, we do eat it), but if you have sensitive skin, do experiment with caution.ย 

Sugar and Olive Oil:

The sugar present in this home remedy work as exfoliate and the olive oil will moisturize the skin.

  1. Mix ย equal quantities of olive oil and sugar to make a thick paste
  2. Apply this mix on to the black knees and elbow
  3. Rub the skin using this mixture for about five minutes.
  4. Wash using mild soap and water.

Gram Flour and Lemon:

Gram flour can cleanse the area and also provides mild exfoliation. Lemon is a natural bleach and this will help to reduce the darkness.

I hope you liked the post. Your friend Kulsum Abdullah. Finally I’m back.. I’m so glad. Please visit my blog..ย